Dear Volunteer,



We know that teens can and do make a difference, and the mitzvah of being a FC volunteer is a great way to give an extraordinary gift to an extraordinary kid!



Hey, you'll make lots of new friends too! Why not enjoy activities with other teens just like you, teens who know that giving to others makes you feel better about yourself and the world!



Imagine having a young child look up to you and await your visit every week! Many teens have already discovered the joy of working and playing with children with special needs.


Joining the Friendship Circle will soon prove to be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Bringing happiness to a child with special needs is a tremendous gift to the child, but an even greater pleasure and experience for the one that gives it.


Join this growing community of local Jewish teens as we change the world together one mitzvah at a time.



So, dive in and call or email the Friendship Circle today!


A Special Friend is waiting for your visit.