The Lubavitcher Rebbe

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The Rebbe's unconditional love of people knew no bounds. To the Rebbe they all belonged. He made them feel at home.         

The Rebbe's warm smile would heal every aching heart. The Rebbe was always there, offering counsel and blessings, comfort and hope, and often - material help as well.          

To the Rebbe there were no divisions among the Jewish People. He considered every Jew his own flesh and blood. For him Jewish unity was not a slogan, a wish or a promise - it was a reality.          

It is his belief in Jewish unity, "the notion that no one of us is complete unless all of us are included", that provides our motivation to bridge the gap between families of children with special needs and the general community while providing today’s teens with a productive and enjoyable focus.          

It is this concept that serves as the core of the Friendship Circle.          


The Friendship Circle is based on the Biblical commandment of V’Ahavta L’Reacha Kamocha, “to love your fellow as yourself.”          

The Friendship Circle carries out that concept in life-changing ways by:          

- Engaging children, teens and adults with special needs through a full range of experiences, social and educational.     

- Supporting parents and family members with much needed respite and support.          

- Enriching, inspiring and motivating teens and adults to share their time and talents with others.          

- Connecting teen volunteers, children with special needs, and their families to the Jewish community through educational and social opportunities.          

By fulfilling its mission, the Friendship Circle is helping to build a better world for children with special needs, one good deed at a time.          


We envision a world in which children with special needs and their families experience acceptance, inclusion and friendship.  

We envision a time when children with special needs will be seen and accepted as contributing members of society.          

We envision stimulating programs and activities in which teen volunteers, children with special needs, and their families find meaning, purpose, and self-value.          

We envision a Jewish community that embraces children with special needs and their families, and allows each person to contribute in his/her own way.          

We envision teen volunteers developing into leaders of tomorrow’s Jewish community; leaders who are sensitive to others and their needs.