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We are Rabbi Chayim Boruch and Sarah Alevsky, welcoming you to our Friendship Circle home.

As co-directors of the Chabad Family Programs of the West Side, NYC, we provide a host of exciting and educational programs, every day of the week (- including Shabbat KidShul!) geared to children ages 5-13, including 3 Hebrew Schools, holiday programs, girl scouts, boys club, kids clubs, family adventure trips,  summer camp, winter camp, Bar and Bat Mitzvah lessons, Shabbat dinners and much more!

We take extra pride in our West Side Friendship Circle, as we find tremendous value in enriching the lives of children with special needs, and their families.

Currently, our Friendship Circle hosts an amazing Sunday Hebrew School, fun family holiday celebrations, [email protected] visits and new to this year, daily after school enrichment classes.

Plans are in the making for The Art of Friendship Studio, where teens and adults with special needs, will be able to explore different art mediums and create works of art, and Moms Nights Out for parents of our FC families and a Life Town, where children can learn life skills in a mini, life-like city, and more! Stay tuned - and please be in touch if you would like to partner with us in these great endeavors!

Please browse along to see more about our Friendship Circle services and don't hesitate to reach out if you feel we can be of assistance in any way - or - if you have a great idea - or would like to partner with us in any way you can. 

You can reach us by phone at 212-864-5010 x114 or email: [email protected] or [email protected] 

To learn more about the specific programs we offer,  click HERE


Our FC Staff

Chana Mushka Mishulovin and Shayna Sapochkinsky (both of whom are our awesome daughters!) are the executive assistants of our Friendship Circle programs. Both Chana and Shayna have been involved in FC since way before their Bat Mitzvahs!


 SRA.JPGChana Mushka, married with 2 little boys, Mendel and Levi, lives with her family in the South Bronx, where she and her husband Choli and 2 children opened and co-direct Chabad of the South Bronx.
Chana Mushka directs The [email protected], our After-School Clubs for Kids.

Shayna currently lives on the West Side with her husband Eliyahu, both of whom teach in our Hebrew schools and work with the youth of our Chabad Family Programs every day. Shayna is our [email protected] coordinator.



Our Awesome Enrichment Classes Instructors
(In abc order.)



Rabbi Chayim B. Alevsky is well know as the CELC music star, due to his weekly sing-alongs, both at Chabad and in Central Park.
A New York native, Rabbi Chayim has been engaging his students with his enthusiastic music and singing for over 30 years.
Rabbi Chayim looks forward to creating a wonderful musical experience with the children, through and expanding, progressive Drum Circle, culminating in a special presentation following each semester.  







Our Martial Arts instructor Nir Moriah is a gold medalist for the United States and candidate for the Olympics in Taekwondo, as well as a personal instructor and coach. Nir has personally taught thousands of students of all ages the art, discipline and confidence that is the trademark of Martial Arts training.




Rebecca Schweiger

Awaken your child's inner artist and nurture his/her creativity with expressive drawing, painting, and mixed media kids’ art classes with Rebecca Schweiger's warm, encouraging and engaging staff at The Art Studio NY.

Rebecca Schweiger is the Founder/Director of The Art Studio NY, New York City's #1-rated art school. Known for its encouraging creative art education, high quality instructors, and hundreds of ongoing art classes for all ages (2-102), The Art Studio NY's team of art instructors enrich the lives of thousands of students each week across the Big Apple. Rebecca is also the Author of the inspiring book, "Release Your Creativity: Discover Your Inner-Artist with 15 Simple Painting Projects". 

From Kids Art Classes, Adult Art Classes, and Private Art Lessons to Birthday Parties, Corporate Art Events and After School Art Programs, The Art Studio NY is a haven of relaxation, self-expression and creativity for all.